Triple Topping

Feminist Game Company

Our team

Ame Searle
Ame SearleMarketing and Community Lead
Amira Suleiman
Amira SuleimanOffice Octopus
Andreas Busk
Andreas BuskAudio Designer, Composer, Game Designer
Anne Louise Laugesen
Anne Louise Laugesen2D Artist, Animator
Astrid Refstrup
Astrid RefstrupCEO, Owner, Game-Director, Co-Writer
Brandon Stennis
Brandon StennisCommunity Coordinator
Ida Hartmann
Ida HartmannLead Writer & Narrative Designer
Ida Lilja Jensen
Ida Lilja JensenArt Intern
Inna Hansen
Inna HansenArt Director and Concept Artist
Jakob Maqe
Jakob MaqeStoryboard Artist
Jonas Maretti Gress
Jonas Maretti GressProgrammer
Jonathan Jørgensen
Jonathan JørgensenPorting and Tools Developer
Karina Posborg
Karina Posborg2D Artist & Creative Lead
Linnea Ejersbo Rützou
Linnea Ejersbo RützouUnity Generalist Programmer
Søren Tang Bertelsen
Søren Tang BertelsenIntern, 2D art and animation

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