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Triple Topping Games
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Spitkiss is a 2D platformer specifically designed for mobile. The two spitkissers are in love and live inside your heart, but they are stuck and can’t reach each other. In their long-distance relationship, they can only kiss with little spit bubbles that travel through your heart. You need to be careful not to burst the little spit bubble before it reaches the other spitkisser – there are many obstacles along the way.

In Triple Topping we love platformers but we don’t think there are enough good platformers for mobile. Spitkiss is designed to work exclusively on mobile, boiling the platforming genre down to its essence: jumping! With a new swipe-to-jump mechanic, Spitkiss gives precise control with only one hand. This allows the player to solve complicated levels in a one hand mobile game.

Spitkiss offers the player extra challenge and possibilities to interact and play with friends with a level editor. It allows players to create and share their homemade levels.


  • Precision platformer with short challenging levels that will satisfy even the platforming veterans.
  • Create and share you own levels with friends.
  • Story mode with 5 worlds of carefully handcrafted levels.
  • Innovative swipe-to-jump mechanic.



Spitkiss Credits

Astrid Refstrup
CEO, Triple Topping Games

Simon Stålhandske
Creative director, Triple Topping Games

Andreas Lagerstedt
Audio director, Triple Topping Games