Triple Topping Games
Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding date:
February 02, 2017


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Amaliegade 21, 1256 København K

About us

We are a mobile games company based in the heart for Copenhagen Denmark, The Queen of Denmark is our neighbor and our team loves game jams, hotdogs and early mornings.

We share a passion for platform games, so much that we have dedicated Triple Topping to make only this. Good platform games need perfect controls, we have worked hard to design our whole new Swipe-To-Jump mechanic. Giving the players more precise control of the game. It’s always more fun when you can play with friends. Our games build online communities where our players can create game content and share with friends.


Triple Topping Games is founded by Simon and Astrid in early 2017.

We got the idea to found a company together after attending the Splash Game Jam where our first baby steps towards what later became the game Spitkiss began. We have worked together on several projects before starting Triple Topping Games.

  • Spitkiss

Awards and recognition

  • Selected for Respawn Indie Showcase 2017
  • GTR 2017 Winner
  • 3rd place at Nordic Game Jam 2017
  • Indie Prize Finalist 2018
  • European Games Showcase selectee GDC 2018